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Hall of Fame-inducted composers in 2019: Missy Elliott becomes the first hip-hop artist incorporated

For almost 50 years, the Composers Hall of Fame has recognized the achievements of people who put music and words together. "CBS This Morning: Saturday" revealed the six artists of the class of 2019. One of them is Missy Elliott, the first female hip-hop artist to be admitted.

The other five composers are Yusuf Islam, John Prine, Tom T. Hall, Dallas Austin and Jack Tempchin.

In addition to becoming the first female hip-hop artist, the induction of Missy Elliott also makes her the third rapper to be included in the Hall of Fame of Composers. The Grammy-winning master of ceremonies has written for Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige, as well as having his own career as an influential soloist.

The British Yusuf Islam, who came to fame as Cat Stevens, was one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the 1970s when he released nine consecutive albums of gold or platinum. Some of his most famous songs include "Wild World", "Peace Train" and "Father & Son".

John Prine joins the room with a catalog of songs that have been recorded by Bette Midler, Johnny Cash and Bonnie Raitt. Writing, Prine has said, "it's about a blank piece of paper and putting aside what is not supposed to be there."

Tom T. Hall, of Kentucky, known as "the storyteller", wrote a dozen No. 1 country hits like "Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine", which Rolling Stone ranked as one of the 100 best songs of country But he may be best known for the No. 1 hit that Jeannie C. Riley had with his song, "Harper Valley P.T.A." in 1968.

Dallas Austin wrote the first TLC hit number 1, "Creep" in 1994. Austin also wrote hits for Boyz II Men, with Madonna in "Secret" and with Gwen Stefani in "Cool."

Jack Tempchin wrote his best-known song on the floor of a club in El Centro, California, scribbling the words on the back of a poster. Then, in 1972, the Eagles recorded "Peaceful Easy Feeling" on their debut album. Tempchin would co-write more hits for the band, including "Somebody" and "You Belong To the City" with their leader Glenn Frey. Now Tempchin belongs to the room.

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