Hal Steinbrenner apologizes to New York’s Yankee fans for early playoff exit

NEW YORK – New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner apologized to the team’s fans for his postseason failure, as his father did 39 years ago.

The Yankees lost 3–2 in the American League Division Series with a 2–1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday. He has won the World Series once since 2009 in 2009.

“I’m very disappointed, obviously,” Steinbrenner said on Tuesday on ESPN New York Radio. We put a lot of time, energy, money into the team last offshin, and we all felt we had a team that could win . Championship, and we failed to do that. We didn’t even come close. I could apologize to my fans at this point in time, all the time. They deserved better results than that. Period. I mean, they Just done.

George Steinbrenner issued a similar statement following the team’s defeat to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the six-game World Series in 1981. “I sincerely apologize to the New Yorkers and New York fans everywhere. The Yankee team in the World Series,” he wrote then. “I also want to assure you that we are immediately at work to prepare for 1982 Will be ”

Favored to win the AL East this year, the Yankees alternated hot and cold sprites: a 5–15 slide after a 16–6 start, a 10-game winning streak, and six defeats in their last eight games.

Hal Steinbrenner said, “I think I should be most disappointed. I am ultimately responsible for all of this.” This is disappointing, as expectations were high. ‘

New York was 22-9 at home and 11-18 on the road, and Yannick relied on home runs. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, New York scored 315 runs during the season on Long Ball, then scored 13 of 22 from seven matches in Cleveland and 17 of 10 in the Rays’ loss. .

“Our offense was inconsistent to play just to the best of my ability,” Steinbrenner said. “So many ups and downs with ups and downs, and the lows were every bit as extreme as the highs. And the highs were pretty good. They were when they were. But it feels like every game , Including some postson games, you just can’t tell which offense is going to show. ‘

He made no mistake in his strategy of using Rocky Devi Garcia as the opener in Game 2 and then bringing in veteran left-handed JA Happ. Garcia allowed Randy Azorzena’s solo homer in the first, and Happ gave up two to Mike Zunino in the second and Homer to Manuel Maragott in the third. After a 7-5 defeat, Happ said he would be more comfortable starting.

“I felt that the argument was sound,” Steinbrenner said. “We are not the only team that employs that plan in this postman. But the bottom line is in order for a plan to succeed, the various components of the plan have to be executed well, and here it did not. Hap struggled and he struggled a lot and eventually the plan failed. ”

He said Happy’s questioning of the sale was for General Manager Brian Cashman to answer. Steinbrenner defended Aaron Boone, who finished his third season as manager. Boon’s contract includes a 2021 team option.

Steinbrenner said, “Aaron Boone is a good baseball man. He is a good leader.” Aaron Boon will return next year. This is just a fact. ”

He also defended Cashman.

“Frankly, I’ve known Brian forever, and the way he goes about doing things is in a very objective way,” Steinbrenner said. “He listens to everyone – pro scouting and analytics and anyone who wants to come in on his own. Cannes. I know that the people working under him respect him, and Boone respects him, and that’s good. Is. We are just going to keep away. ”

Asked whether it is a priority to re-sign major league batting champion DJ Lehmahu, who is eligible for free agency, Steinbrenner said: “I think I won’t do my job if I don’t know what he will contribute. Gives. The club and what a good player he is. So I recognize both of those things. I will leave it at that. ‘

On the slide of Gary Sanchez, who catches this year: “It’s a surprise. I think we’ll just have to see about next year, obviously, going forward. But it’s an incredible amount. And that’s his Will continue to work on his back, and we can help him in every way and if all goes well, I am sure we will take him back. ‘

Steinbrenner praised Pitcher Gerrit Cole, who was signed to a previous descent for a $ 324 million, nine-year contract. “As advertised, ‘” he said. Highly intelligent, who we knew is an incredibly hard worker, and he provokes other people to work as hard as they can. He is a fanatic. We got what we wanted in Gerrit. ”

He was unlawful on pitcher Domingo German, who completed an 81-game suspension under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy. The German was investigated in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend, with whom he has at least one child.

Stinebrenner said, “I feel completely comfortable that he deeply, deeply regrets it and feels sorry for what he did.” And I have to be comfortable with the fact that it has changed my life. Those two things are certain. As far as we go with that, I don’t know. Again, this is another discussion I must have with not only Brian Cashman but my family, and we’ll see. But there is no doubt that he needs to prove that he has changed his life and he realizes exactly how horrific he was. ”


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