Hakim Zich revealed that he still has ‘a way to go’ to reach full fitness

Many are vying for Hakim Zych to start their first official Chelsea match, and they are probably disappointed to learn that the “Wizards of Ames” were once again on the bench as the opening championships against our Champions Group stage opener Sevilla was announced yesterday.

But it turns out that there is good reason for that, as Ziyech did in his post-match interview with bein Sports. He did not remain fully fit for several months after thanks to Coronovirus (which canceled the Iredivisi season in March) and then his own knee injury (Chelsea’s only Presidency Friendly in August).

“I still have a way [to reach full fitness]. Obviously, I couldn’t play for long, because viruses and [then] It was a little ominous that the injury occurred. So I just try to stay calm and everything will be fine soon. “

Ziyech, like all others, also reflected on the tough challenge presented by visitors last night, and especially the difficulties of finding a place against such an organized, well drilled and quality (if a bit) side it happens.

“We knew before the game that Sevilla is a very good team with quality on the ball. [but] It was [also] Really hard to find spaces. But at the end of the day, it’s a draw, it’s a point. We couldn’t be happier about it, but that’s a point.

-Hakim Zeich; Source: Bean Sports

With Pulisic still in full fitness and Ziach still coming into motion, Chelsea remains in great work in progress on the pitch, at every level from macro to micro, and at every stage from attack to defense.

Zichek, who is by far not the oldest and most experienced attacking player named Olivier Giroud, recently noticed that we need time, but we don’t have time. A draw like yesterday gives us a little more time. Hopefully, Ziyech himself will fit in perfectly soon.

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