Hailey Bieber’s YouTube channel is a scattered but clever way to get out of Justin’s shadow

Hailey Rhode Bieber would like to introduce himself formally … with a YouTube channel. Earlier this month, the 24-year-old unveiled her new project with an Instagram ad, explaining that she had been toying with the idea for a while, especially since it was featured in her husband Justin Bieber’s YouTube documentary. Seasons.

The model explained that she was excited for people to get to know her personality and connect more with her fans. But for someone who has been in the public eye for years, he has a massive following on social media and fashion Y Elle covers, it is strange that he does not already have a hallmark on his identity. Instead, most of the perceptions people have of Hailey come not from her, but from those around her.

For starters, Hailey is primarily known in the context of being Bieber’s wife. (Her fans had a field day when they found out Hailey was a Belieber herself as a teenager, with embarrassing tweets about the singer and an awkward introduction in 2009). She constantly confronts Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, with the actress’s superfans taunting Hailey about Bieber’s ex-relationship. Beyond her husband, her father is actor Stephen Baldwin, her uncle Alec Baldwin. Plus, she has a group of famous friends, like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Jaden Smith, and Justine Skye, to name a few.

A summary of Hailey came from a short anecdote in a GQ Bieber’s profile, her then not quite boyfriend. Journalist Caity Weaver and Bieber are heading to their Beverly Hills hotel suite when Bieber asks his bodyguard if Hailey was already there. She previously explained that she doesn’t like texting and that she hadn’t checked her phone during the conversation.

Hailey was in her room despite not knowing when she would show up, and according to Weaver, she just sat there waiting, doing nothing. “No television, no books, no phone, no computer, no music, no oil paintings, nothing,” Weaver writes. “She’s pretty and polite, she’s 19 years old and she asks me: ‘What’s wrong?'”

This person in white is exactly what Hailey wants to eradicate and she is doing her best to take control of her image. To accomplish this, Hailey hired OBB Media to produce the videos. The production company has previously worked on Demi Lovato’s new YouTube documentary, Netflix feature films, as well as various Bieber music videos.

The result is top-notch with brilliant lighting, expertly edited video, and at least two cameras to capture multiple angles. Hailey also asks her best friend Kendall Jenner to help her attract fans, as well as celebrity favorite stylist Jen Atkin and stylist Maeve Reilly.

It is by no means a unique project. In fact, it’s a hodgepodge of topics, as Hailey sees what sticks. In her introductory video, Hailey explains that she will have travel vlogs, skincare routines, hair and makeup tutorials, and play with friends.

“I’m going to have really amazing guests, fun people who are a part of my life,” he says. “We are going to debunk some very interesting and strange rumors that I have heard about myself. We are also going to have some conversations about some things that I am passionate about and that are very important to me, like politics, mental health, faith. “

This person in white is exactly what Hailey wants to eradicate and she is doing her best to take control of her image.

Hailey relies on her “flagship show” Who is in my bathroom?, where he invites his friends to sit by his shower for “crazy conversations” to help make his channel a hit. First it was Kendall Jenner. The women cook a box of Annie’s mac and cheese on a hot plate in the middle of the bathroom. As Hailey jokingly clarifies that they are not being sponsored by the brand, a few minutes later Kendall breaks three bottles of her new 818 tequila to serve drinks while playing “Never Have I Ever.”

The 12-minute video in which women laugh at inside jokes, reminisce about drunken nights, and Kendall wonders if putting butter in boiling water is less like a professionally produced show and more reminiscent of high school students presenting a Imaginary talk show using iMovie on your parent’s MacBook. Still, more than 8.5 million people watched them get drunk, talk about checking their partner’s phone, and laugh at saving themselves for marriage – Hailey’s most-watched video by far.

She redeems herself with her skincare video. Hailey wakes up at 6:45 a.m. with coffee in hand to guide fans through her morning routine, applying eye and face masks, cleanser, oil, moisturizer, and sunscreen to her face.

“Sometimes I think people are a bit hesitant to mess with the mask, because they worry that maybe their important partner will come in and say, ‘What are you doing to his face? You look crazy, ‘”he says. but quickly adds that Bieber likes to make masks with her.

Hailey has flawless skin and she definitely knows what she’s talking about, but it’s still a bit of a missed opportunity. Many in her fanbase may not be able to afford the $ 1,000 worth of products she uses on a daily basis, and Hailey offers no cheaper alternatives or hoaxes.

Her most recent video is with her stylist Maeve Reilly. Women make up a random game by creating an outfit with only foil. Whoever has the worst design has to post a photo of themselves in the outfit on Instagram with the caption “the future of fashion”, leaving the post for a full minute.

It’s goofy and a bit boyish, but Hailey is still experimenting in hopes of carving out a space apart from Bieber and his famous friends. Perhaps you will find your groove in later videos where you interview a psychiatrist / mental health expert, as you have been open about dealing with anxiety and insomnia. Or maybe your personality will shine through as you share more glimpses of your life. Either way, it should be celebrated when a young woman makes a confident and determined decision to take control of her narrative.

“I’m excited that people are meeting Hailey for Hailey,” she says in her introductory video. “I hope that’s what you get from these videos.”


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