Had Prince Harry not left Meghan Markle, he had left royal life?

Meghan Markle was mostly to blame for expelling Prince Harry from the British royal family after their marriage.

However, experts believe that the Duke of Sussex may have broken ties even if he did not marry the former actor.

Royal historian, Robert Lacey writes in all his Brothers fight, That the life of a spare is anything but simple.

“They say that the life of a spare is very cruel. They start as a cost. I mean, your big mom or grandmother would miss the little princesses, and Elizabeth and Margaret were treated and just the same Was presented. Two attractive little girls, same status, “he said.

“But with each passing day and apparently with marriage and the birth of children, it’s all been downhill ever since,” Lacey said.

“Finally, the frustration must have come out. I mean, obviously the royal plan and expectation was that Harry would marry a nice, interesting girl named Henrietta or Annabel and would be happy to live in the country and the role of Spare, as if he were very lonely during the early years . He told about the marriage of William and Kate.

“As Yoko Ono stole John from that Fab Four, Meghan stole Harry from the Royal Fab Four. [Meghan] The author claimed that his brother had a more challenging and inspiring and creative destiny than a permanent backup.


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