Hackers get more than $ 60 million in Bitcoins as the value increases


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NiceHash has been hacked! That may not mean much for the rules that really use your graphics card to play (some people still do it, shocking, I know), but the hacker, or group of hackers, has been released with a potential bitcoin of around $ 60 million, during a time when the value of Bitcoin is increasing dramatically.

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We may well be demanding that the miners return our graphic cards to their rigorous gaming equipment, but no one wants to see anyone stolen, and this hack left thousands of bitcoins of users in the market. "mercy of a hacker." Allegedly, the hacker carried out a sophisticated attack against NiceHash, which insecurely insecure for the company's payment system, and he managed to cope with more than 4000 of the cryptocurrencies.

"Unfortunately, there has been a security breach involving the NiceHash website, we are currently investigating the nature of the incident and, as a result, we will stop all operations during the next 24 hours," says a statement the company published in your website

"It is important to note that our payment system was compromised and the contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet were stolen, we are working to verify the exact number of captured BTCs."

 Bitcoin trading [19659006] A mining group allows several miners to join forces and eliminate some of the challenges that prospectors look for alone, such as limited hashrate or bad luck. It seems that, in unfortunate detriment to many of its users, NiceHash was saving all its eggs in one basket. NiceHash stored all the Bitcoins of a miner in a single wallet, apparently offering zero redundancy in the case of this same event.

NiceHash is the latest victim to fall into the trap of hackers. They join the Bitcoin Mt. Gox exchange, which lost 850,000 bitcoins in 2014, which was worth a lot of money even then, much less after the recent Bitcoin boom.

With Bitcoin at its highest point of all time – somewhere in the region of $ 14,000 and rising, some lucky users inadvertently avoided imminent theft and withdrew their electronic currency to invest elsewhere. They were probably rejected by the need to buy the only true currency of the future: the adorable virtual kittens that have been obstructing the Ethereum network.

 CryptoKitties "title =" CryptoKitties "height =" 332 "width =" 590 "clbad =" media-element file-default "typeof =" foaf: Image "src =" http: //www.pcgamesn .com / sites / default / files / cryptokitties.png "/> </p>
<p>  It's not all bad for NiceHash users, however, there is still the possibility that <em> will eventually </em> receive their Bitcoins, although a Potential solution means that the community continues to use the service to support the company while they return their users has been stolen, it could be a difficult sale for their users, understandably angry. </p>
<p>  NiceHash may have reached the end of the line, with many users simply reducing their losses and moving to another underground company in the wild west of the mining cryptocurrency.Unfortunately, unless the perpetrators have left a digital trail an adverse trail along the way, they are unlikely to be trapped due to the n the professional nature of the attack, and the decentralized nature of Bitcoin itself. </p>
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