‘Hackers Among Us’ Attacking Victims by Outspoken Trump Hackers – Three Days After AOC’s Hit Twitch Rally

About 72 hours ago, more than one and a half million people were watching the rape. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays a video game, among us, Something like a smoked-up, supernatural game The hint. Democratic congressmen had established a twitch stream, recruited several popular gaming influencers for the occasion, and had a dual purpose for the session: a campaign rally for Joe Biden. It was a hit, which received widespread attention and acclaim, even some angst-hit thinking about whether the AOC had shed light on the future of politics and community organizing.

Tonight the game is attacking on behalf of an outspoken pro-Trump hacker, going by the identity of Eris Loris, seemingly portraying the nominee de Greer from the Greek goddess of discord and conflict. Innersloth, company behind among us, In a tweet on Thursday, the hack was confirmed and sent another message to Twitter which indicated that it was continuing on Friday evening.

Hacker bombed among us‘Players sending messages through the game’s chat function. Many users then took to Twitter to complain about the situation, which they had found themselves and screenshots of messages sent by Eris Loris.

The exact goals of the hack are not yet clear. Trump spam is apparently meant to tweak and offend the game’s younger audience, a demographic that, theoretically, would be more likely to support Biden and was clearly interested in watching the game of the AOC on Tuesday. Beyond leaving, Aris Loris’s messages included links to a Discord channel, a website and a YouTube channel. Across those platforms, hackers had established video and text, which seems half obscure, half in reference to video game cheat methods.

among us 2020 has been a surprise hit, and AOC’s digital rally on Twitch draws even more attention. It was the most downloaded game in the third quarter, with 100 million installs, nearly a third more than the next most popular title, My talking tom and friends. Multi-player games, meanwhile, have led to high-level downloads of records liked by gamers on the six-year-old Discord, chat apps, and social media platforms.

whereas among us‘Popularity may be new, which is not the AOC, it is not: politicians are in constant search for how they will better engage the youth and motivate them to vote. Found AOC before among us, She tweeted in May about playing the Nintendo game Animal Crossing: New Horizons And found that people play with him on Twitter. Earlier this month the Biden campaign established its official presence at the game, where the former vice president, a virtual campaign headquarters overseeing aviars sunglasses and a digital avatar of all.


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