Hacker claims to have stolen files belonging to prominent Jones Day law firm

A hacker claims to have stolen files belonging to the international law firm Jones Day and posted many of them on the dark web.

Jones Day has many prominent clients, including former President Donald Trump and large corporations.

Jones Day, in a statement, questioned whether his network had been violated. The statement said that a file-sharing company he has used was recently compromised and information was taken from him. Jones Day said it is continuing to investigate the violation and will continue in discussions with affected customers and appropriate authorities.

The post by a person who identified himself as the hacker, by the name of Clop, includes some individual documents that the public can easily review, including The Wall Street Journal. One memo is for a judge and is marked “confidential mediation brief”, another is a cover letter for the attached “confidential documents”. The Journal could not immediately confirm its authenticity.

The Journal could see the existence of many more files, of a gigantic size, which also supposedly belonged to Jones Day, published by the hacker on the so-called dark web. Hackers often publish such stolen information after the hacked entity fails to pay a ransom. The Journal was able to contact the hacker via email on his blog.


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