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Hacienda HealthCare: the 911 call reveals the nurse's surprise: "We had no idea"


Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix on January 4, 2019. (Ross D. Franklin / AP)

The anonymous nurse yelled on the phone to the 911 dispatcher: "The baby is turning blue! The baby is turning blue!" He urged the paramedics to come faster: "We are not ready for this."

In most cases, a patient who is in labor in a health care center in a room full of nurses would be a stressful but manageable situation.

But the new 29-year-old mother at the center of the crisis at Hacienda HealthCare a few days after Christmas was a special case, and especially dangerous: she had been in a persistent vegetative state since 1992.

"One of the patients just had a baby and we had no idea that she was pregnant," the nurse said.

The 911 call, launched by Phoenix police. and obtained by ABC affiliate KNXV, provides a window to birth that has shaken the city and the nonprofit health care organization that has dealt with the medically fragile for five decades.

The baby, who was delivered by a nurse from Hacienda HealthCare, was successfully resuscitated and was being treated in a hospital with his mother, who is also in good health. The family will take the baby, the news station reported.

The police and the facilities try to identify the father of the baby, the person responsible for sexual assault to a vulnerable adult.

Hacienda "will accept nothing less than a full report of this absolutely horrific situation, an unprecedented case that has devastated all those involved, from the victim and his family to the finance staff at all levels of our organization," Gary Orman, Member of the Board of Directors of Finance of the directors, said in the statement.

That "complete accounting" is in progress. Chief Executive of Finance, Bill Timmons, resigned. And the police have obtained orders to force male members of the Treasury to provide DNA samples.

The police have not named a suspect or announced an arrest.

The news has put the installation, which began in the 1960s as Treasury of the Angels, or "the abode of the angels", under a hard point of view.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's office issued a statement saying the reports are "deeply troubling." In addition to working with the police, state officials are "reassessing the state contract and regulatory authority regarding this facility and have been working closely with state agencies to ensure that all necessary safety measures are taken," said Patrick Ptak. , spokesman for Ducey (R), in a statement.

The State Department of Economic Security sent a team to conduct health and safety checks at the facilities, and the Department of Health Services has reinforced security measures: more staff, more supervision and greater security.

That is not enough for some families.

Karina Cesena, the mother of another patient of the Treasury, told the independent news station KTVK in Phoenix that she is sleeping in the room of her 22-year-old daughter until she finds the aggressor.

Cesena's daughter has a traumatic brain injury that causes hundreds of seizures a day.

"I do not [know if my daughter was victimized], but I ask her, and she can answer yes or no, "Cesena told the news station. "She can not walk or talk yet, but she does understand."

On Hacienda HealthCare, Cesena said: "Confidence has been broken, confidence has definitely been broken".

The woman who gave birth had come to the Treasury when she was 2 years old, after almost drowning. The crucial questions about your care remain unanswered.

The main one is: How could nurses who provide medical care 24 hours a day not realize that one of their patients was pregnant?

The surprise of the employees of the installation was evident in the 911 call.

Near the end, another employee approached the nurse by phone with the 911 dispatchers and asked about the crisis.

"Who had a baby?" The woman asked the nurse, now calmer, on the phone.

"Look," was the answer. "There's a baby right there!"

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