Ha-Seong Kim named Padres best team in MLB

Ha-Song Kim was, by any evaluation, one of the best, most complete infielders on the free-agent market this winter. The Padres was, by any evaluation, already one of the best, most complete yields. Obviously that was not a deterrent. Quite the opposite, in fact. Kim and padre are clearly one

Hye Song KimBy any evaluation, the free-agent this winter was one of the best, most complete infielders on the market.

The Padres was, by any evaluation, already one of the best, most complete yields.

Obviously that was not a deterrent. Quite the opposite, in fact. Kim and the Padres are clearly a suitable match.

On Tuesday night, Padres held an introductory video conference for Kim, who signed a four-year $ 28 million deal last week. Immediately, Kim cut a trusted man, declaring Padres as a World Series contender in 2020 and aiming to win the Rookie of the Year Award.

Kim began his press conference by reading a statement in which he put his hat on the entire Padres, with Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., Jake Cronworth and Eric Hosmer – calling him a “great talent”. Almost immediately, Kim was asked why he would like to join an infusion with the initials returning to all four locations.

“Padres is not just a contender [could] Become a World Series champion this year, “Kim said in Korean through an interpreter. I want to be part of a winning team. That’s why I joined the San Diego Padres. I can play any place in the infield I am. “

This is exactly the role that the Padres want Kim to fill. The way they see it, there is plenty of room for the versatile. Players get hurt. Players need rest days. The players slipped.

And, sure, if all five Padre infielders are healthy at the same time, and all five require a spot in the starting lineup, it’s still possible that Cronenworth or Kim could get a look in the outfield. But he would later take care of himself.

“We’ll get spring training, we’ll really start digging more when we have everyone on the field,” Preller said. He said, we have confidence that we have players who will be able to move forward.

“Again, this is also going by 60 games [162] sport. We have talked about it here as a group. Last year was actually a sprint. A marathon is coming back this year. … we are going to keep our players fresh. ”

Although Kim mainly played shortstop and third base in Korea, he is likely to see a plethora of action in his second action with the pads. Kim could potentially serve in a platoon with lefty-hitting Kronenworth.

But Cronenworth brings a similar type of versatility, having played all four infield positions last season. It is more likely that the two continue to play regularly, as Padre gives his infants – and perhaps their outfielder – a regular rest by moving Cronworth and Kim around the field.

“We’ll look at every possible option and find out,” Preller said. “But just outside the original and the gate, we see [Kim] As a fielder. “

Kim’s glove is not at the level of Cronworth’s, who profiles as a border-elite defender at four positions. But the Padres expect an above-average defense from Kim at second base. They also expect big things in the plate. Kim batted .306 / .397 / .523 with 30 homers at the KBO last season.

This is largely an offense that gives a start to all eight positions and is arguably the best infield in baseball. Kim was quick to notice how keen he is with the current quartet of Padres infiltrators.

“These are great players,” he said. “He has more experience. Just by training and playing with him, I will learn and grow as a player.”

Kim spent most of his time in his press conference amid conflicting emotions – humility for an opportunity he called “my dream” and an endless supply of confidence that he would make the most of it.

Of course, there is no lack of confidence within the Padres infield. As the recently acquired leftie Blake Snell noted last week, the Padres could be the league’s “swaggiest” team. Kim, whose bat has Tatis’ rival, clearly intends to join him.

“It is truly my honor to be included in the San Diego Padres, the Major League’s best baseball team, with tremendous firepower and excellent pitching.” “2021 will be an amazing year – for myself and for the Padres.”

Adventure. These days, it is Padres in the same way.

AJ Cassavell covers Padres for MLB.com. Follow her on twitter @ajcassavell.


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