Gyms are ‘part of the solution’ to the epidemic

Planet Fitness CEO Chris Ronde proposed the gym as a “part of the solution” to the coronovirus epidemic, which includes fitness and exercise to help combat issues such as obesity and heart disease.

Rondeu told “Sakwake Ale” that fitness should be seen as an area of ​​health care, noting that exercising can help reduce or alleviate health conditions that cause great health when contracting the virus The effects are linked. He said that he hoped people would be renewed interest in exercise after the epidemic, given its link to health.

“If you think about it, gyms are really a part of the health care delivery system, and coniferous to shut us down,” Rondeau said. “We are really part of the solution, not the problem.”

Gyms and fitness centers have been quite a hit among businesses, as they have often reopened in local economies. Both Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness have filed for bankruptcy. Some gyms have moved classes outside in an effort to make up for lost revenue from the epidemic.

Rondeu said 1,450 Planet Fitness gyms are open out of a total of 2,000. Some states still have locations closed under state guidelines, including Arizona and California, which allowed gyms to reopen, as cases closed again.

With increased cases in some states, having a protocol to ensure peace of mind for customers and workers is a priority for Planet Fitness, Rondeau said. Masks will be required at all locations from August 1, he said, and crews receive daily temperature checks.

Concerns about the future of gyms and fitness studios are growing as data showing more than half of Americans recently do not plan to return to their gyms. An online poll by TD Ameritred found that more than 56% of those polled said the epidemic helped them find “more affordable” ways to exercise.

But Rondeau said that customers have reported being excited to get back to work, as exercise at home does not offer the same variety available at the gym. He pointed to the low cost of Planet Fitness – $ 10 per month on fitness compared to the average person in that survey, about $ 170 each month on fitness – as another reason customers will return to their gym.

“Home fitness has been almost since Richard Simmons,” he said. “Personally, I have a gym in my basement – I am very lucky that I have a basement that has a gym – but I do as much work as possible on my local planet, and the experience and excitement there is And the atmosphere. Unbeatable. “


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