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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop joins forces with Colbert’s Fake Lifestyle brand in the sketch & # 39; Late Show & # 39;

Celebrating Goop's upcoming weekend summit in New York, the actress made fun of her own holistic lifestyle.

Preparing for her next Goop summit in New York, "In Goop Health", Gwyneth Paltrow visited The Late Show on Thursday, where she and Stephen Colbert joined together for a satirical discussion on how to maintain a holistic approach and healthy lifestyle.

"As you know, Goop's success inspired me to launch my own celebrity lifestyle brand, Covetton House, where each product is crafted to accept your credit card," joked Colbert. The presenter of the evening announced that his brand will join Goop at its New York summit to bring "an exclusive line of aspirations, medically adjacent product probunities."

To preview his mock brand called "Covoopetton," Colbert introduced Paltrow to the show, where they joked funny about various health methods. After expressing how excited he was to be "partnering" with the actress for his health summit, Paltrow quickly corrected him: "We are not joining in. We prefer the term & # 39; conscious engagement & # 39;".

Explaining what you can expect for your brand's weekend summit, Paltrow revealed that guests will have "magnetic acupuncture" and "exercise exercises." "My God, my face did not work in months. ", joked Colbert, with Paltrow responding comically," Tell me about it, the ass on my face is totally down "

The couple took a moment to hydrate, with Colbert opting for a glass of bee pollen and kale and Paltrow drinking matcha, chia and "tears shed by butterflies during Oprah's Golden Globes speech" When Colbert asked him if he could taste his drink, Paltrow asked him if he was mortal, which he said it was. "So it's not safe for you, "said the actress.

Colbert then demonstrated a "binaural meditation," in which he imitated the sounds of the whales in Paltrow's ears. Later, Colbert asked for a "magic cream for the face" to achieve the "Gwyneth glitter".

"That's too powerful for your species," said Paltrow, as the host of the night proceeded to rub the cream on his face. After learning that it was already working, the night presenter reappeared with a digitally altered face that looked exactly like Paltrow's. "You look amazing," the actress joked.

Paltrow's "In Goop Health" summit is set to take place in New York City on Saturday (Jan. 27).

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