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Gus Malzahn to a commitment from Auburn: "I will be the coach"

The last 36 hours have produced reports of all kinds. On Monday, a reporter from the Alabama Reporter reported that former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had met with Auburn's "power brokers". Brown.

Amid the clutter of reports that encapsulate the drama between millionaire drivers, retired head coaches, beleaguered current coaches and school administrators, Malzahn himself was in South Carolina on Tuesday with someone away from all that drama.

Luke Deal, a tight-end teammate who will sign up early in Auburn, received his visit to Malzahn's house and his assistant Larry Porter. Deal came to the day excited and left excited with Malzahn and Auburn. In the middle, he was given guarantees.

"You can see on Twitter, some of those rumors have already been made false," Deal told AL.com on Tuesday night. "He just assured me that he will be the coach for this coming year, so I mean, you know what, I'm not worried a bit."

Deal is a three-star closed wing of Emerald High School in Greenwood, South Carolina. That's where Malzahn was today, taking pictures with students, teachers and even with the school principal in a photo where the Auburn de Malzahn pin is twisted to the side. Deal said Malzahn was a celebrity on campus today.

The drama surrounding Malzahn did not come up in conversations with those people at school, but Deal did not deny that there were rumors elsewhere. And since Deal plans to sign up early and move to campus in December during bowling practices, he admitted that Malzahn's job security was relevant.

"That is obviously a concern for anyone who is entering this kind of situation as quickly as I am," Deal said. "But I mean, he's been through this before, flying rumors, college football, it's such a big business that it just happens like that, knowing that he will be my coach and coach Porter will be my position, the coach is a great relief "

Deal's father, Chis Deal, who took the day off from work for the visit, spoke very highly of Malzahn and echoed his confidence that Malzahn would be the head coach of his son. He did not talk about the details of the conversation, but added: "I will say this, I felt very good with our conversation we had, I feel very good that my son has been trained by a man with high morals and high ethics."

Chris Deal added that other college football programs have used this perceived uncertainty in their ongoing recruiting efforts, but that it has not moved the needle in Luke's commitment to Auburn.

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