Gunman murdered in Reno after firing from an elevated position in an apartment building


A gunman was killed after firing from an elevated position in a luxury apartment complex in downtown Reno, Nevada, at around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, police told local media

No other victims have been reported, police said on Twitter but at least one other person was wounded in the hand, said Deputy Chief Tom Robinson to the Reno Gazette Journal.

Few details about the incident were available on Tuesday night. Neither the identity of the shooter nor the intended purpose was known.

Tuesday's shooting came less than two months after Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded 500 others in Las Vegas, the deadly mbad shooting in modern US history. Paddock, 64, shot thousands of concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino before committing suicide.

Paddock once owned a unit at Montage, the Associated Press reported, adding that records showed it sold the property in December 2016.

The Reno shooter had barricaded himself in an eighth-floor apartment of the Montage apartments with a woman as a hostage, the police told the Gazette Journal. According to early reports, the woman was not injured.

Authorities negotiated with the shooter, said Reno Police Department official Tim Broadway at a press conference.

At one point, police tweeted that "Suspect" had been "arrested". Soon after, Deputy Chief Tom Robinson said the suspect died after a SWAT team hired him at Montage, the AP reported.

The authorities informed the Reno KRNV and KOLO stations that the suspect was shot by the police. KOLO reported that he died on the way to the hospital. The AP reported that it was not clear if the suspect was killed by police or his own.

While the shooter was still a fugitive, the authorities closed much of the downtown area of ​​Reno, advising the residents of the badembly to take refuge in their place and urging the casino goers to stay in safe places. Police restricted access to pedestrians on the north and south sides of the apartment complex, Broadway said. The FBI and a SWAT police team were on the scene.

The Montage is a complex of high-rise luxury buildings, located near some of the most popular casinos in the downtown area. It was originally a casino and resort before it became an apartment complex, according to its website.

Private Chris Kelley with the Nevada Highway Patrol told the Reno Gazette Journal that the shots lasted about 20 minutes.

Robinson of the Reno police said the shooter was a young adult, the Gazette newspaper reported. He said that a team of officers confronted the shooter on the 8th floor of the building.

Dusty Wunderlich told the Washington Post that he was two stories below the shooter on the set. Shortly after arriving home, Wunderlich heard about twenty shots fired in 10 minutes. The shots were "sporadic" during the next hour, he said. The weapon "sounded like a hunting rifle," said Wunderlich.

"It was intense," he added. "Once I realized what was happening, I turned off all the lights, I went up to the police scanner and I got down, I was armed, which gave me some peace of mind."

Mike Pavicich, who was visiting Reno from Las Vegas, told the Gazette Journal that he was walking in front of the Eldorado Resort Casino when he heard the shots.

"When I heard it coming from above it reminded you of the guy who shoots from Mandalay Bay … It's scary, you know, this is the same kind of city," Pavicich said.

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