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GTA Online gets its first new hit in almost three years next week

GTA Online receives a new theft on December 12: The Doomsday Heist is described as a "new epic adventure online" that sees your criminal team deal with "apocalyptic" threats. The previous trailer shows that it will involve a lot of new vehicles that Rockstar has added to the game in recent years, including military bunker vehicles and the Smuggler & # 39; s Run plane. There is also a bloody submarine and underwater cars.

Speculating on what the trailer shows us, it seems to fit the same format as the four main thefts: in the trailer, Lester can see four characters who feel very familiar. This is a real surprise. In 2015, Rockstar suggested that the new thefts were not in play in the short term. In fact, when PC Gamer's crew was dissolved after the final robbery, we thought we were finished forever. Now I'll have them reinstall the game while you read this.

Here's Rockstar's description of the robbery premise: "A billionaire technology mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a socially awkward conspiracy theorist and a neurotic supercomputer have been forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas of total annihilation As the apocalyptic threats increase from unknown enemies, you and your criminal crew get ready to unravel mysteries and eradicate threats ranging from the bustling streets of downtown Los Santos to the bottom of the ocean and all the way to the inner depths of Mount Chiliad in a new online epic adventure.

I think this is fantastic news, experienced GTA players have proven the game's theft over and over again at this point, and the updates recent have focused more on business and multiplayer modes, I can not think of a better reason to see GTA in another of these.

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