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GTA Online Boss visits his team in real life if they are loyal

GTA Online has a giant community with thousands of teams working together in the game. One team, Hillbilly Agenda, has a leader who will personally visit anyone in their IRL group, provided they have been on the team long enough.

Hillbilly Agenda is a team of about 30 players, many of whom live in Tennessee. The team focuses on finding fun members to help them through Los Santos. The team is not particularly big or old, but it is unique in how close its members feel. The whole group is more like a family than a clan of games.

As originally covered by the crowdfunded documentary series NoClip, the founder of the group GTA KnoxNerd, travels around the world to give people a gift commemorating the crew's membership. He gives them a fake toilet bowl, modeling the same plates available at GTA Online . Nothing will prevent KnoxNerd from encountering the members of his crew: he is known to fly his own personal plane to see his crew in the game. KnoxNerd, real name Warren Scott, told Kotaku that he has delivered 34 plaques to date, 13 of which were outside of his home state of Tennessee.

If this seems intense, well, that's how the Hillbilly Agenda develops, as you can see in the previous full documentary . Once a year, the gang will meet in a mansion for a big party. The players even bring family members for the trip. Once, KnoxNerd tells, he drove for hours to visit a crew member who needed help on the Internet, all so that that friend could continue playing GTA Online.

It's also remarkable: KnoxNerd keeps such meticulous statistics for his team, which overshadow the information that Rockstar collects for players. KnoxNerd tells Kotaku that he is tracking these numbers to keep his team motivated to play better. "Besides, I'm a nerd," Scott added.

The entire NoClip documentary is fantastic and full of stories about the team and how GTA Online has united them and their families. Worth seeing.

Zach Zwiezen is a writer who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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