GTA on May 6 GTA Online, Take-Two Patent Suesets Key Advantage

Patents filed by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, suggest that GTA 6 will outperform GTA Online in at least one major way.

New patents filed by Take-Two Interactive suggest that GTA VI Will benefit in a big way GTA Online In at least one respect, though just a theoretical how the features will be implemented in the future Grand theft auto The game remains to be seen. Take-Two is the parent company of Interactive Rockstar Games, the developer behind Grand theft auto Chain. Although rumors Gta 6 For years, Rockstar Games has publicly committed to both. GTA Online‘S extremely popular online multiplayer component Gta 5, And Red dead online Too.

With current-gen versions of Gta 5 Thanks to the already confirmed and renewed focus on the online multiplayer components of existing games Red dead online By becoming a standalone game, it appears that Rockstar has no immediate plans for a new installment Grand theft auto Chain. That stance has been around for a while and has disappointed fans who want more frequent releases from the popular franchise, but with the continued financial success of both Gta 5 And Red dead redemption 2 Continuing to remain attractive, it is understandable why Rockstar did not feel the need to work hard to release the new game.

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Take-Two Interactive’s recent patent filing suggests that GTA VI More is focusing on – or, at the very least, potential technologies that could reveal that there are game developments. As revealed by twitter user Big Jim Colosimo (And reported by Rockstar intel), Some new patents about session management systems and virtual environments have been filed by Take-Two Interactive. Essentially, session management is an online function that determines how effectively a game can populate its multiplayer feature. Essentially, the new patent is an advanced way it can create so that online sessions can seamlessly transition between friends, or prevent interruptions to service from disconnected.

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The virtual environment patent, on the other hand, improves the way AI behavior improves and controls them. The patent makes reference to using dedicated servers to aid more advanced AI design rather than hardware that drives the game, again hinting at some key plans GTA VI Online functionality.

Of course, it is important to take these possibilities GTA VI Online patent with a grain of salt. Nothing about these patents has been confirmed to be related to the game – which has not even been announced yet – and cannot be applied to them. Even if they are part GTA VI Plans, they can be integrated into the experience in ways that are not yet clear as discussed by analysts. All that being said, however, it appears that Rockstar Games is once again pushing the envelope in online game design and AI systems, and it will be exciting to see that whenever it becomes part of the company’s next release So how does he play.

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Source: Big Jim Colosimo (Via Rockstar Intel)

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