GTA KO Perico Island Size Compared to Full Los Santos Map

A dedicated Grand Theft Auto V fan has compared maps of Keio Perico Island to Los Santos, revealing its true size.

Grand theft auto v Fans compare sizes GTA OnlineThe full map of Los Santos features Keio Perico Island, giving them an idea of ​​how large the new area is. Dub GTA OnlineThe biggest update ever by developer Rockstar Games, the Keio Perico Heist update adds a significant amount of new content to the seven-year-old game.

Along with the new successor, the Keio Perico update introduced a new island for GTA Online players to discover, as well as new radio stations and updated track lists. With so much new content coming with an update, the Keio Perico experience actually feels more extensive than any previous GTA online update. The island of Keio Perico itself is also notable in that it is a new piece of land separated from Los Santos, which players can explore solo or with friends – not just in free-roam.

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Grand theft auto data miner Videotech_ In relation to the mainland Los Santos became curious about the size of the island and took to the internet to share their findings. Video Tech_ posted several pictures comparing the Keio Perico Island and Los Santos models, as well as the one with the island at the top of Los Santos for scale. In a tweet, VideoTech_ writes, “Here to get an idea of ​​the exact shape in Los Santos and Cayo Islands and Los Santos from above the sky.“Despite all the material included in the KO perico heist update, the island is no larger than the Los Los Santos, which stretches from the Rockford Hills area (home of the Tritagonist Michael De Santa, visible only briefly). Los Santos International Airport.

The island of Cayo Perico is also not as densely populated as Los Santos, as it is a private island and has a notorious drug lord’s paramilitary compound. Instead, the island is home to a harbor, an airfield, a cocaine farm, and DJs to host beach parties (and perhaps Fortnite-Style concert in the future). However, as VideoTech_ wrote in another tweet, “It seems massive. It looks small from a distance, but it is huge when you are on the island. You’ll be surprised when you play it. “

At the moment, Keio Perico Island still cannot be explored in free-roam mode, and it is unclear whether it will ever happen – at least, without Mod’s help. The island looks like it will retain some novelty for some time, as it can only be acquired during the period of the new successor, which means GTA Online Players will no longer be allowed to welcome them and eliminate its tires. Still, regardless of size, a new piece of maps to explore is a welcome addition to a seven-year-old game with no public sequel GTA Online.

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Source: Videotech_

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