GTA 6 Rumor teases Liberty City, Massive Map and Reveal Date

A new dubious GTA 6 The rumor is circulating within the Grand Theft Auto community, and according to him, Rockstar Games is preparing to reveal the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X. In addition to this, the rumor shows a massive map with several cities, including Liberty City, the location of GTA 4and the fictional version of the series about New York City.

Rumor has it, the infamous “Project Americas” leak is more or less accurate in the sense that the main GTA 6 The map will cover five states and will include five different cities. Besides this, there is a sixth separate city. Unfortunately, the rumor doesn’t reveal any specific names other than Liberty City, but it does point out that the top five, which include Liberty City, are “obvious”, suggesting they are from previous games. If this is the case, Vice City, Los Santos and San Fierro (Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco) seem like three obvious candidates.

What could be the fifth and final city is less obvious, but if it’s another location from the series’ past, Las Venturas (Las Vegas) is probably the safest bet. As for the sixth and final city, the rumor claims that it is less obvious and appears to be separate from the rest of the map.

To this end, rumor has it that Liberty City in particular looks great and is the most attractive part of the map.

While the rumor mocks the game’s locations, it doesn’t say in what era it’s set. What you do notice is that Rockstar Games has completed the Newswire release for the game, including accompanying art. In addition to this, the rumor suggests that a revelation will take place soon.

As for GTA Online, the rumor does not say much, but it does indicate that Take-Two Interactive wants GTA 6 be a platform for GTA Online to live “indefinitely”, which may explain the size and variation of the map.

All that said, take it all here with a big grain of salt. While the rumor circulates, there is nothing to corroborate it. It is from an anonymous source who claims to be a developer of the game. In the past, some of the biggest gold mines have come from random and incomplete anonymous sources, but a lot of nonsense has also emerged from sources of this variety.

At the time of publication, neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two Interactive have commented on this rumor, and it is unlikely that either of them will back down on this position as they both maintain a very strict and consistent “no comment” policy when sharing. deals with rumors. That said, if for any reason this pattern is broken, the story will update accordingly.


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