GSC GameWorld Releases STALKER 2 Dev Update Video

GSC GameWorld Releases STALKER 2 Dev Update Video

GSC GameWorld and Microsoft shared a new video about the development of STALKER 2. STALKER 2 is set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where, those who have played the first installment, will remember that two disasters occurred within that area, which caused the appearance of strange mutations and abnormalities

The game aims to present an epic and non-linear story. In addition, your choices will influence both the short-term consequences and the overall results. The new installment will also introduce new locations alongside the old ones, and it promises to be a unique combination between FPS, immersive simulation and horror, with a really thick atmosphere. In this “Dev Highlights,” the developers give you a first look at updated outfits, some weapons, and even a tooth customization tool that, among other things, will make each character unique.

The long-awaited game brings great news for PC gamers, as the studio announced that STALKER 2 will have support for mods from launch day. Regarding availability, Horror FPS is currently only available for PC and Xbox Series X / S. Microsoft also confirmed that the game will support Ray Tracing and that it will run up to 120 FPS on their consoles and that it will support 4K resolution. The title is expected to arrive in 2021.

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