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Grumpy Cat earns $ 710,000 in copyright lawsuit against Grenade Beverage

  grumpy cat friskies
Cat in February 2016.

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Images for SiriusXM

  • Grumpy Cat, star of a thousand memes, won a lawsuit
    against a coffee company that misused their images.
  • Grenade Beverage paid to use their images in iced coffee
    products, but went further and launched a roasted coffee
    product without permission.
  • A court in California found in favor of Grumpy Cat and
    ordered a large payment.

Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat should have a reason to smile now –
she has just won $ 710,000 (£ 498,000) in a lawsuit.

Grumpy Cat Limited, a company formed by the owner Tabatha Bundesen,
was awarded $ 710,001 in damages after a coffee company broke
the terms of an agreement to use the cat in their products.

Grenade Beverage, a Californian coffee company, had paid $ 150,000
(£ 105,000) to throw a drink with a grumpy theme, but it surpassed
mark by throwing a second, the
Washington Post reported

The agreement legally reached to market "Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino," for
then he went further and started selling " Grumpy
Cat Roasted Coffee

Here are marketing photos of both products:

A court in Santa Ana, California ordered the owners of Greande, Sr.
and son Nick and Paul Sandford, to pay the damages after the decision
that they had violated the copyright of Grumpy Cat Limited by making
extra product

Grumpy Cat Limited
He said in his 2015 complaint
: "Ironically, while
world famous feline Grumpy Cat and its valuable brand are the most
invoked in an ironic, despicable way by the Defendants
the behavior here has really given Grumpy Cat and its owners
something to be grumpy about. "

 the owner of the grumpy cat Tabatha Bundesen
Cat and its owner, Tabatha Bundesen, in Washington DC in
September 2016.

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Images of Madame Tussauds

Grumpy Cat – real name Salsa Tardar – first fame found in 2012
after the pictures of his famous frown went viral and he threw a
thousand memes, like this one:

It became so popular that Bundesen, its owner,
she gave up her job as a waitress to found Grumpy Cat Limited

While the company's current earnings remain unknown, it was worth it
$ 1 million within the first year of its existence,
New York Magazine reported

Grumpy Cat's face has been printed on fan products as
shirts, mugs and cases for telephones
ads for the cat food company Friskies
and immortalized as a wax
figure in Madame Tussauds in major cities such as

San Francisco
Washington DC

Even former President Barack Obama knows who she is. While
describing Republicans to a Democratic National Committee
conference in 2015,
He said
: "They are dreary, they are like Grumpy Cat."

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