Growing Christmas Traditions: Tree Providers Help Families Find the Right Tree | Lubbock online –

Growing Christmas Traditions: Tree Providers Help Families Find the Right Tree | Lubbock online


For local Christmas tree merchants, being part of the Christmas traditions of families is the best part of the season, no matter what kind of tree a family is looking for.

Tradition is the reason why Jan Webb, owner of Double Shovel's Christmas Tree Farm in Post, said his family got into the tree business in the first place. Webb, her husband Charlie and their children planted their first trees in 2009, shortly after they moved to Post, and have been selling since 2012.

The Webb's have lived all over the world, Webb said; Charlie served in the Air Force of the United States before retiring. But no matter where they were, she said her Christmas traditions were the same. They tried to find a tree farm, picked and cut theirs, and then decorated it with sentimental ornaments that the family collected during their adventures.

"When we got here, we thought, 'Let's grow Christmas trees.' Let's give that experience to other families," Webb said. "It has always been such a precious memory and tradition for us, we wanted to bring that to West Texas, so we planted trees."

They planted Afghan pines, a kind of tree that Webb said grows well in the West Texas environment. She said that trees require little irrigation and that their roots respond well to the soil. They tested with another species that is often grown in East Texas, but Webb said it did not bloom like Afghan pines.

At Double Shovel, located just off US 84 at 1391 CR 183, customers can choose their own tree and cut it down. The Webb provide a saw and a tree ornament, and on weekends they offer hot chocolate and popcorn. A treasure hunting game of sugar cane is drawn among the pines for families to play. Even an elf can pbad to meet the children and talk to Santa.

"It's not just the finished tree sitting in your room," Webb said of choosing a Christmas tree. "It's the process, get to that point."

All Double Shovel cut trees cost $ 50, regardless of size. Webb said that the family devotes as much work to larger trees as it does to smaller ones, hence the uniform price. For customers who want a different look than Afghan pines, the farm also sells Fraser firs that were grown in North Carolina for about $ 60.

Afghan pines require little maintenance, Webb said. Light watering will keep it looking good throughout the season and few feathers will be thrown away.

Webb said his family's goal at Double Shovel is to help people create memories as sweet as them.

"That's really what we want to do here: help them make the most of what they have with their families, you want to spend some time with them, laugh, even if someone stumbles and falls, you laugh, you dust off and you continue go ahead, "Webb said. "It's just part of the memory of traveling the field."

For those looking for a longer-term tree, Tom & # 39; s Tree Place at 5104 34th St. sells two species of live Christmas trees that can be planted once the holiday season is over.

Gerald Clay, nursery warehouse manager at Tom & # 39; s, said the Mondale and Pinyon pines sold in the nursery thrive in the arid Lubbock climate and work well in drought-friendly xeriscape landscapes .

Keeping the trees not too hard, said Clay. The most important thing is to make sure that the root ball is moist, but not too wet. He said that the trees will have a dark green color if they are healthy.

Trees vary in price, depending on size and species. Clay emphasized that living trees will obviously outlast those cut.

"The most important point that people consider doing this is that this is a bit more expensive than buying a cut tree," Clay said. "But, we're selling you one that's going to live."

For customers who may not have the space or desire to plant their tree after the holidays, Clay said they can donate the tree to plant in a city park.

"Lubbock can always use more trees," Clay said.

Some families want a truly permanent tree, of the type that does not require irrigation or much maintenance. That's where shops like Holland Gardens enter, at 3739 50th St.

Wayne Holland, owner of the nursery and Christmas store with his wife Ann for more than 50 years, said he has seen many trends in the Christmas tree over time .

"We started selling only freshly cut trees, poinsettias, things like that, they were just presenting the artificial trees, in those days, there was a limited selection," Holland said. "When we started going, they only had green trees, then they introduced trees together, that was great, we had to learn how to turn on the lights, then they started selling pre-illuminated trees, and today LED lights have become extremely popular."

] Holland said that one of the newest trends in the market is decorated trees, ornaments and everything, in a box, ready to use.

More than 175 decorated trees are on display in the Holland Gardens showroom, all with a unique theme to inspire the client's own decorating styles. Holland said his team starts decorating months in advance, and starts planning even longer before that. They also sell several Christmas collectibles, which Holland said are a key part of many families' decorations.

Being part of many Christmas traditions of the Lubbock family gives Hollands a lot of joy, he said.

"It's a great feeling, it's really fun to see a whole family go out with their children and now with their grandchildren," Holland said. "It gives us great satisfaction that we can bring a little joy to the lives of people."

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