Group Policy error blocks Windows Update if a user delays the installation of updates –

Group Policy error blocks Windows Update if a user delays the installation of updates


With the introduction of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft added a new feature that allows users to delay the installation of Windows feature updates for up to a year. This function is useful for Windows administrators or even for users who want to delay installation.

Many users now report problems with this feature in the Microsoft TechNet forum. According to reports, the Windows 10 Fall Creators update blocks security updates if a user delays the installation of updates in the Local Group Policy. In case you do not know, you can delay the updates by going to Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update> Windows Update for Businesses> "Select when preview compilations are received and feature updates. " You can set days ranging from 0 to 365 days according to your needs.

At this time, Group Policy incorrectly blocks all security updates if you change the days to anything other than 0 days. To fix it, you must change the days to 0 and the cumulative updates will be downloaded immediately.

If this was not enough, some users have also claimed that deferring configuration updates also has a similar effect. This means that if you go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options -> Choose when Updates are installed and uncheck "Give me updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows", you will not get cumulative updates.

This is a pretty serious problem considering the fact that security updates have fixes for possible threats to users and should be installed regularly. We hope that Microsoft deploys a patch to fix this problem soon.

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