Green says he was in for the win, but Burrow is ‘incredible’; Bull’s tying kick injured by injury; Jonah Settles; Protected in

Belt hurts calf: The bull’s calf did what the Bengals could not trespass. As Bullock went on to kick a 31-yard field goal with seven seconds left when he did not bring his kicking leg, when he caught the second calf.

When Bullock pitched the Bengals, 13-6, with a 43 yard field goal left in the 1:32 third quarter, he had passed Shiney Graham as the most accurate kicker in Bengals history with 87 percent. Now he missed the second of his career on the last kick (the Bengals lost when they missed one in Houston on Christmas Eve), and the Bengals never returned to second place after doing overtime.

But in an outstanding act you see, Bullock met the media in the team’s first-post-game zoom.

“I have nothing to hide. I’m here,” said the bull. “I’ve played for a long time. It’s part of my job as well as communicating with you guys. I wish I had a better answer for being transposed. The reason why a calf got caught and Influenced the game. ”

But whether he can go to Cleveland for Thursday night’s game is still an open question. He said he would reevaluate on Monday.

He was devastated. He says that he never had a history of any kind of injury and did not feel the same. He had kicked just one 50-yard and 43-yard and was warming up on the sideline for this one.

“Once I started the actual kick process, when it was just locked on me and caught,” said the bull. “My teammates were good to me. I think everyone was disappointed. No one was more disappointed than me. It’s a kick I expect. It’s a cynical situation, really disappointed and disappointed. This is how it happened.

“It started as I started the whole process of the kick, just like moving and holding it just enough, enabling me to pull.”

Joey D: Burrow gave himself a D and it was not for the debut. He said the first series of the second half saw 5:13 left from a touchdown from 31 yards and an inter-advised shovel pass, and the Bengals already had a wide open Green’s own uplift for a 31-yard touchdown in the field goal. Was pointing The condition to tie it. Instead of going back to Giovanni Bernard on a screen on Chargers 23, he rightfully threw it into the arms of Chargers Defensive and Melvin Ingram III.

“I can’t remember A.S. that a high school student could make that throw,” Burrow said. “And I can’t throw the ball right in front of Melvin Ingram when we’re in scoring range, so it was a tough way to lose.”

Barrow said that he saw Ingram all the way, too.

“It was just a bad shovel” he said.

The overall No. 1 pick of the draft was not easy on itself. A few snacks before Green was overthrown, it looked like he dropped a dime on wide-open wide receiver John Ross, but it was going right over his shoulder and threw Ross’s hands.

“The way I see it, I uproot it. I’ve hooked it to my chest.” “I’ll watch the film and see what happened, but I’m ready to do a better throw.”

And Barrow calls on Green and gestures to himself.

“It was a bang-bang play. At the end of the day, I made a lot of mistakes to win the game and we just couldn’t make enough plays to win the game,” Burrow said. “So, whether that call goes our way or not, a lot of calls are going to go a lot of ways throughout the game. I missed AJ on a deep ball and John (Ross III) on a deep ball. (End Field first) and then I threw the blocking – which just can’t happen. ”

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