Greek police arrest 2 people in a mafia that hits the mayor of Thessaloniki

THESSALONIKI, Greece – Police in the second largest city in Greece say they arrested two people as suspects in an attack that left the mayor of Thessaloniki hospitalized.

About a dozen people put on Mayor Yiannis Boutaris at a Saturday ceremony in honor of the Greek victims of the Turkish purges during the First World War and the subsequent war between Greece and Turkey. He was thrown to the floor and kicked all over his body.

The director of the Ippokratio General Hospital, Vana Papachristodoulou, says Boutaris, 75, was admitted with a leg injury and bruises and in a state of shock, and was released early Sunday.

Police say that one of the detained suspects is 36 years old, the other age 20. They look for more suspects.

The Greek government blamed the "extreme right-wing thugs" for insulting Boutaris. nationalists

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