The north pole continues to & # 39; move to Siberia

The northern part of the world moves to Siberia at an early speed. Scientists are unsure of the same purpose behind this image, but they continue to an unprecedented degree of error. Inform the Global Magnetic Model of the Plan.

The World Magnetic Model is produced by the United States Ocean and United States Consumer Administration (NOAA) to help sea boats and airways among other customs. According to NOAA, smartphones also use their & # 39; model to provide compost, map and GPS services. It will usually be updated every five years, with the latest update scheduled in 2015. The update was updated at the end of this year.

Safe air navigation over the North Pole can be very difficult even with a small movement in the magnetic field, and it is expected that polar routes will be multiplied in the coming years of Europe, America. North and Asia.

The north pole moves away from the Arctic of Canada and its; moving to Siberia at an increasing rate of about 54.7 km per annum. For example, in 2000 the 14.5km speed was per year.

The reason for the change may be made with changes in wet Earth shapes, where there is a special metal movement, such as iron and nickel, and # 39; creating an electric field.

"Changes are like bad weather," said Maryland University geologist Daniel Lathrop at the AP group. "We can also call it magnetic magnetic," he said.

The most recent update on some airports may be renamed their routes, since the names of the corridors are based on the line to the north. This can be costly, as changes to the corridors, boardboards and air maps have changed.

At the end, it is expected that the magnetic poles will back, as happened in the past. planet. It is expected that this will take place after a multi-year period of up to 1,000 years, where Earth's earthquake will require so much. By turning poles he will preventing the theory of the ability of some animals and other animals that use the magnetic range to guide them.

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