Section outside Ministry of Defense – the unidentified people opened the GREE flags

A security notice was imposed on the Friday night as a Ministry of Defense.

According to information, a group of about 20 people were found outside the port of the National Ministry of Defense with a flag saying: "The Agean belongs to his dead".

The ministry was met by the Metro and immediately closed the gate, and implemented a permanent military service in the Ministry of Defense. Shortly afterwards the group of unknown people left the area.

In the sources of Ministry of Defense he explained that there had been no attempts to fight the rolls or the attack and that such an event was the pavement that is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense.

Some of them said that protesters had tried to lift the lower tables at the Pentagon entrance. However, the Department of Defense is abolished.

The point was EL.AS. but when he arrived he did not find a man or go ahead with an entrance

With the preservation of defense in 2017, Rouvikon is on the wing of a flying flight.

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