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Robotic mission to the Moon by Israeli SpaceIL

The spacecraft is due to launch in December from Canaveral Cape in Florida with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, according to Indo Adbebi, chief executive officer of the Space Shuttle. of the company.

As Reuters reports, this is a vessel whose shape refers to a round table and has four carbon fiber legs. Its purpose is to take pictures and videos in the two days after its arrival on February 13, and to take measurements on the magnetic fields. According to Adbebi, it will be the smallest vessel ever landed on the Moon.

Since 1966, the United States and the former Soviet Union have dispatched about 12 unmanned moonships on the Moon, which managed to be successfully hauled. China made it in 2013.


The unveiling of the Israeli vessel took place on Tuesday at Israel Aerospace Industries. It has a height of 1.5 meters and a weight of 585 kg, while the fuel corresponds to 2/3 of its weight. After its launch, it will be released at a height of 60,000 km above the Earth, it will start spinning around it, until, two months later, it will be in the moon's orbit. There it will slow down and carry out controlled, "soft" recruitment, so that it will not be damaged

"Loss is the most complicated part. The point chosen is relatively flat and the spacecraft will have a visual contact with the Earth for communication, "noted Anthuri. "From the moment the ship reaches the landing point, it will do it completely autonomously."

SpaceIL was founded in 2011 by a team of engineers, with a budget of $ 90 million. Its financial support comes largely from private individuals, including US Cheltenham Cheltenhamn Seldon Andelson and billionaire Morris Khan, co-founder of Amdocs, one of Israel's largest technology companies.

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