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Phaidon Kefalas: Life in New York: what do you do today?

The beautiful actress we met on the Eleni Menegaki show has been living in New York for the past few years.

Faidon Kefalas spoke with Real about his new life there and revealed what he is doing today.

"Normally I get up at 8 in the morning, I look at my agenda, I answer my questions and I start my appointments The sooner the better This is because we usually have extra meetings during the day The city is a" nice asylum "that you often feel You should keep your antennae open and be very consistent with your schedule and schedules.After finishing my appointment in the early afternoon, I will continue going to my work where I normally "close" my day, "and I stress that despite his early wake up, he returns home very late at night: "The demands are excellent because the responsibilities are the same, I go back home at 2 in the morning, I am one of the last to quit my job," he explained to Real and continued for his work:

"I work professionally in the field of business management in stores, which has assured me financial security, because the cost of living here is quite high," says the actor, while noting that he does not abandon his two great loves in television and theater: I enrolled in one of the most recognized art agencies of the city of New York to realize my PK and, although there are many different productions, both small and large, I try to be selective and careful because I always think in what Consequences of my choice. "

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