Murder Makri: Dealing with the Bulgarian player's excuse

Published: 08.04.2019 | 13:52

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Tomorrow, the 31-year-old Bulgarian player who has been convicted of the murder of businessman Yannis Makris, last year, will be apologized to the Panorama of Voula.

Yannis Makris's lawyer and assassin were given to the 19th Registrar today after a date he had already received, but he had asked for a new date, which the lawyer had sent in. T resigned. t

The Solicitor of Apostolis Lytras, in a statement to reporters, said he would not represent the accused but would not seek clarification on the reasons he had decided.

After the agent was retired, at the age of 31, he agreed to keep out more, had a new date given to find a new lawyer and an excuse. tomorrow.

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