Ilias Psinakis' going down in the European elections: "You respect!"

After the Town Hall Marathon and though he did not suffer the disaster Eye, to be responsible for Justice for the event, Elias Psinakis "will be renewing" her political aspirations: he announced he would take part in the European elections!

Through his account at Instagram, and not otherwise being involved in the event, he raised two stories today. B


A few minutes later, the message: "Blowed out", with a link to the website, followed the ideas of the new project.


Initially, Mr Psinakis lists the reasons for this decision, and points out that he addresses almost four million citizens without having to pay attention to this decision. selecting. t So he wants to go to the European elections and to take their position in his hand. Although he does not specifically specify how he takes part in the European elections, he would be the candidate himself and how, he certainly will stop co-operation with another party.


In his political career, Elias Psinakis does not possess any style of personalization, the phrases and style known to them: "The people of the country cut things that we can't accept. The bullets take: robbers, the "professional politicians", the ineffective, the papers, those that even say "WA". They want to go to a party. They're allowed. "Do you think it is …" !!! "


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