Great benefits of hydrocarbons

The major benefits of hydrocarbons detecting nationally and locally, the Chief Executive of "Hydrocarbons E & P Hellenic Petroleum." Peloponnisos SA "Georgios Zafiropoulos during their talk at the Olympiad Forum – the 1st Development Conference of the Peloponnese, replaced by the Olympic Academy building in Ancient Olympia.

By describing specific examples from Greece (Kavala and Skopelos) and from abroad (Stavanger in Norway), Mr. Zafiropoulos stressed that the investment of 120 million barrels of investment would be; Contributing to the State income of 200 million dollars a year, which will be directed 20 million to the local Divisions and communities. At the same time, until the money is destroyed, the State's total revenue will be set at $ 4.5 billion, which will be spent to strengthen the country's insurance system.

At the same time, he specifically mentioned the long-standing HEPA presence in the wider area of ​​Greece where extensive geophysical, geological and geological surveys were carried out for more than three decades, with high regard to the environment. During this time, 63,000 kilometers of land and marine data were recorded in Greece, and 75 drill was completed and then continued to installments in Katakolos, Zakynthos and Epanomi.

For the "block" distribution of the Peloponnese West, where Hellenic Petroleum is a & # 39; participating at 100%, Mr Zafiropoulos placed emphasis on his first research rank, including geological studies – geological studies and environmental studies, already going on.

Source: RES-EAP

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