Google finds a short security gap in Windows 7 and Chrome – Microsoft is preparing a parcel

Google finds a short security gap in Windows 7 and Chrome - Microsoft is preparing a parcel

Google detected a bad impact on security in the Windows 7 operating system and warned users of systems (which are still around the world) that their computer is in danger of pulling trailers. Microsoft, who was told, said that he was working to tackle the problem.

Users who also access the "hole" in Windows 7, along with Google's unique error in Google's own web browser, are Chrome. The company has already renewed security to close the "backdoor".

Windows is a problem in parts of the operating system that prevent program data from interacting with anything else outside this application. Google has indicated that the victims of a behaviors find a way to take advantage of an unidentified disability to date in Chrome to jump to other apps and to unscrew the user's computer breakdown.

Google has asked users to update the Chrome to enable them to send their folder to; company to close its security gap. "It's true, let Chrome go away without rubbish," wrote Justin Soum's engineer on Twitter, according to his BBC. After upgrading, the Chrome user must close and launch again to insert security renewal.

"Until today, we have seen an active message on Windows 7 systems but 32-bit," said its company.

The user is a solution to his head that is easy to update its operating system to the latest version of Windows 10.

Microsoft has not given a date when it allows "the pattern" itself for the problem in Windows 7 but is sure it will be as fast as possible. Millions of computers still use Windows 7, although they are almost ten years old. A number of practitioners continue to look like the best operating system Microsoft has ever given and rejected.

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Last updated: Saturday, March 9, 2019, 10:37

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