EUR 300 million for housing allowance – When to start bidding – Purchase

A 300 million million credit was identified for the Ministry of Social Security, Social Security and Social budget expenditure to support the Group for Benefits and Social Procurement Benefits (OPECA) to pay the cost of the housing allowance to beneficiaries.

This is determined by the Labor Minister's decision, Efi Achitsoglou, who was posted in the "Transylvania". The sum of the 2019 monthly housing allowance will be between € 70 and € 210, depending on your marriage status.

By the end of the month it is expected that the online Social Regulation platform will be implemented in the submission of householder applications. The proportion of installments will be between 70 and 210 euros according to the housing performance. In particular, € 70 will be awarded for its first member and € 35 will be added to each additional member. This means:

More specifically, the amount of housing allowance 2019 is as follows:

Single-person family: 70 euros.

Family with two adult members: 105 euros.

Family made up of three members or one parent family with a small member: 140 euros.

A family made up of four single parent families with two people: 175 euros.

Family with 5 members and one single parent family with three small members and above: 210 euros.

Income and property eligibility criteria appear to be as follows:

Estimates of income

The total household income, as measured for reasons to enter the program, may not exceed € 7,000 for one-person home, up to € 3,500 per family member.

In the single parent family, as well as being in a house with a unprotected child for the first small member of the home, an increase of 7,000 euros is set.

The total income can not exceed € 21,000 per annum, regardless of how good the family is.

Single person family: € 7,000

Family with two adult members: € 10,500

Family with three members or family of one parent with a small member: € 14,000

Family made up of four single parent families with two small members: € 17,500

Family with 5 members and one single parent family with three members and above: € 21,000

Real Estate:

The total housing value value of the housing may exceed the total 120,000 euro for the single household, with an increase of 15,000 euros for each additional member and up to 180,000 euros.

Mobile assets:

The total amount of housing archives and / or current value of the shares, the bonds, as of electronic deposits, may be higher than the limitations in the table below for each household type, up to a sum of 21,000 EUR.

Home writing

Single person family: € 7,000

Family with two members: € 10,500

Family made by three members: € 14,000

Four-family: € 17,500

Family with 5 members and over: € 21,000

Asset Holding: The total amount of interest in family member investments in all credit institutions in the country or abroad, as mentioned in the latest income tax statement (E1), can not be more Higher than a & # 39; The following mathematics comes from a formula:

Annual amount = financial limit for each type of household * Average annual average rate / 100

The year to be worked out is to define the average level of investment as the last statement on the income tax.

Applications from households with members are not available, based on the latest income tax statement:

– in accordance with the luxurious tax regulations

– a certification cost for a recreational boat crew,

– a certification of expenditure over one thousand five hundred (1,500) euros for teaching fees in private schools,

– costs for home helpers, car drivers, teachers and other staff,

as set out in the formal codes E1 is appropriate.

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