Bug with buzzer machine in Atlanta – by Yanni-Baks, album from Vincent Carter – Basketball – NBA t

In a terrible game, Atlanta Hocks 136-135 Milwaukee Baks, starred Tray Yang, won the winner from the end of the game. Vinter Carter's historic achievements, which reached 1,477 games in the NBA and went to 5th place in the relevant list passing Carl Malone.

The deer ranged without Yannis Adétocunbo, with Badenholzer using only 8 players! Indeed, Tim Fraser fought in the 53 minutes of the game!

The guests started better and before 43-26 first, but the 'hawks' did respond and reduced to the end of the period (68-71). The second part was keeping, and the two teams continued with the score.

With three points of Lenn last 20 seconds finally, Hocks balanced to 122-122 and put the game out, after Bruce had tried in an attack from Baks.

In the extra five minutes Milwaukee came up and confirmed 133-128, one minute before he'd finished the finish. However, the hosts responded and gave a 6-0 lead, they went ahead (134-133 at 6 & 8). Brown visited 134-135, but Trey Yang didn't say his final word: with a wonderful basket at the end of the game, he made the final 136-135 and won the 28th team in the season. . 28-49).

On the other hand, the Baks fell to 57-20 and they were at first risk in the eastern region. Anderson (24 points, 12 rebounds), Colons (23 points, 12 rebounds), Len (23 points), Yang (12 points, 16 helping), and the "deer", 15 help, 7 rebounds), Brown (27 points, 9 rebounds).

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