‘Gray’, ‘Station 19’ up Richard Flood, Anthony Hill, Stefania Spampinato – Deadline

ABC Gray anatomy And spinach Station 19 The executive is creating a unified, seamless universe under producer / showrunner Krista Wernoff. Now on Thursday, the two dramas are simultaneously promoting a recurring cast, including a recurring player who debuted on the maternal series that became a full-time cast member on offshoots.

Richard flood And Anthony Hill The series has been promoted to regular Gray anatomy For the upcoming 17th season of the medical drama. During this, Stefania Spampinato, Which has been recurring on both Gray anatomy And Station 19 Originally involved Gray key Three years ago, Firefighter became a regular series on the drama, with its fourth season.

ABC / Erin Simkin

“I am very excited to add Anthony Hill, Stephenia Spampinato and Richard Flood Station 19 And Gray anatomy Family, ”said Vernoff. “They are huge talents who made a huge impact with our fans, with our artists, and with our writers, who are eager to write more for them.”

Has been recurring on spampinato Gray anatomy For the last three seasons, Andrew’s sister, Drs. Carina is playing the role of Delaca. Last season, she crossed Station 19 Where he began to date his character Maya Bishop (Danielle Sevre).

ABC / Giles Mingasan

Joined the flood Gray anatomy As a recurring last season, Drs. Cormac Hayes was playing the role of Gray Sloan’s latest pediatric surgeon. After not looking eye to eye, he eventually takes a liking to Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), as the two bond on being widowed.

Hill is joining Gray anatomy Dr. As a series regular following a guest role in single episodes last season as Winston Ndugu. He joined Dr. at a medical conference. Maggie runs in with Pearce (Kelly McRerry), they reconnect and hit it. They have known each other since the day when Nidugu worked as a resident at Tufts under Pierce.

ABC / Raymond Liu

Hill was already on ABC and Radar of Shondaland starred in the first season of the first guest legal drama for the people And the second season of Station 19

Hill, who recently made a guest appearance on HBO Janitor, Has been retaken by the Metropolitan Talent Agency and Authentic Talent and Literary Management.

Irish actor Flood played Ford Kellogg opposite Amy Rosum in the eighth and ninth seasons of Showtime shameless. He also co-starred in NBC’s International Drama Series Cross lines. Overseas, Richard co-starred in TV3 (Ireland) / Amazon (US) Criminal Procedure red Rock And on BBC minarets Titanic: Blood and Steel. He is retaken by Peacock-Medavo Management, Gersh and Denton-Briarley.

Appeared in spampinato Ford vs Ferrari. She is also known for her role as Flavia in Paramount Pictures’ Italian hit Il Giorno Pi Gi Belo del Mondo, Opposite Alessandro Siani. Originally from Catania, Sicily, Spampinato made a successful career in dance and theater in Europe before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He is with Industry Entertainment.

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