Gray parrots split up at the zoo after swearing a blue streak

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LONDON (AP) – A British zoo has had to separate five unscrupulous parrots who say the keepers were encouraging each other to swear.

Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie joined the 200 gray parrots colony of Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre in August, and soon revealed an ideology for the blue language.

The zoo’s chief executive, Steve Nichols, said, “We are quite accustomed to swearing parrots, but we never did five together.” “Most parrots collide on the outside, but for some reason these five miss it.”

Nicholas said no visitors had complained about the parrot, and most found the situation ridiculous.

He said, “When a parrot tells you ‘f-off’, it captivates people a lot.” “It has brought a big smile for a really difficult year.”

Nicholas said that parrots have been set aside to protect children’s ears. They said they had moved to different areas of the park, so they “didn’t set each other up.”

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