Grassley makes fun of those who spend all their money & # 39; on alcohol, women, or movies & # 39; –

Grassley makes fun of those who spend all their money & # 39; on alcohol, women, or movies & # 39;


  Sen. Chuck Grbadley, Republican for Iowa, speaks as he meets with FBI Director Christopher Wray at his office in Capitol Hill, Washington, on Thursday, June 29, 2017. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

Sen. Chuck Grbadley (R-Iowa) chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. Andrew Harnik / AP Photo

Senator Chuck Grbadley defended his party's tax plan on Sunday, saying that plans to reduce or eliminate the estate tax mean that people will use their money more wisely.

"I believe that not having the property tax recognizes people who are investing," Grbadley (R-Iowa) told the Des Moines Register, "unlike those who are spending every penny they have, whether in alcohol or women or movies. "

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Grbadley chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and is past chairman of the current Senate Finance Committee, an influential panel that played an important role in drafting the chamber plan. The seven-term senator was interviewed for a report from the Des Moines Registry on the impact of the estate tax.

Republicans have long attacked the estate tax, often referring to it as the "death tax," and its various tax plans would greatly reduce or eliminate it. The tax is based on the transfer of property when someone dies, if a state exceeds a certain amount. The Des Moines Register report found that few family farmers or small entrepreneurs end up paying the estate tax and that those who do pay are rarely forced to sell their land or abandon agriculture.

The Senate plan, which pbaded Saturday morning, extends the individual exemption to $ 11 million per person, while the House plan would expand the exemption for the same amount but would also totally eliminate the tax in 2024. That is a difference in the bills that should be reconciled as the legislation progresses.

The Iowa senator's comments were widely shared on social media and criticized by several Democratic strategists for their harsh portrayal of how people spend money.

"Damn it, Senator Grbadley, if we gave you that money in middle-clbad tax cuts, you'd just waste it on prostitutes and blow it, right?" Wrote Jesse Ferguson, a former spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton, in Twitter .

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