Grand Theft Auto Video Game Ban Proposed By Illinois State Representative Marcus Evans

An Illinois lawmaker has a new response to the recent surge in auto thefts in the Chicago area, banning a popular video game.

Democratic State Representative Marcus Evans pointed to “Grand Theft Auto,” which shows scenes of violent vehicle thefts, robberies and general criminal activity, as inspiration for what is happening in his home district.

“Grand Theft Auto,” whose first installment was released in 1997, is the main theme, he said.

Evans said he plans to introduce a bill to ban the sale of the game in Illinois.

“‘Grand Theft Auto’ and other violent video games are creeping into the minds of our young people and perpetuating the normality of auto theft,” Evans said. “Auto theft is not normal and auto theft must stop.”

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Evans also thanked community activist Early Walker on Monday for initiating “Operation Safe Pump,” in which security teams patrol gas stations to protect people while pumping gasoline. It recently spread to other nearby cities, as a retired police officer was attacked and kidnapped last week.

Walker agreed with Evans’ conclusion about the game, in which players steal cars as part of a larger organized crime plot.

“Representative Evans and I have investigated and concluded that these very young carjacking offenders are heavily influenced by the Grand Theft Auto video game,” Walker said. “I really think there is bipartisan support for banning the sale of this game in Illinois.”

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