Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks Track in several cities


Grand Theft Auto Fans have wondered for a long time when the details of Grand Theft Auto 6 would fall, and an alleged leak of details about the project has been discovered. The leak suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 It could have a scale beyond what the series has seen so far.

Developer Rockstar has been very busy with Red Dead Redemption 2But now that both the main game and its online component have seen the light of day Grand Theft Auto the fanatics will wait for the preliminary work to begin in Grand Theft Auto 6. since Grand Theft Auto 5 It is the most profitable entertainment product of all time, and has established legions of fans. Rockstar will want to offer a sequel worthy of such a successful game.

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A new leak reports that Rockstar has developed at least the scope of what is coming with Grand Theft Auto 6. A rumor that supposedly is a leak about the developing sequel appeared in Pastebin, and implied that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have several important cities, including the series favorites like Vice City and Liberty City, with the forms already rumored for Grand Theft Auto 6. The publication has already been deleted, but not before. WCCFTech He was able to find it.

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According to the leak, Grand Theft Auto 6 It will put the player on the journey to become a drug trafficker, starting off as a petty criminal in Liberty City before climbing the ladder on a Vice City walk, and eventually backing out between the two cities with the elapsed time as the reputation of the player's character grows. . Between the two main cities there will be stretches of road and field as seen. Grand Theft Auto 5. Besides that, Grand Theft Auto 6 It will also include the strangers mechanic as it looks Red Dead Redemption 2.

This ambition will need a bit of additional processing power. Due to the memory restrictions of the PS4, it is simply not possible in the systems of the current generation, although this is not a surprise, since the PS5 and the Xbox are already on the way. Fans must therefore wait Grand Theft Auto 6 On next generation platforms. The complete leak can be read below.

GTA 6 will feature several large cities in which players can travel.

In the title that will make you a son of a drug lord. You'll start as a small-time kid in Liberty City doing odd jobs and small time thefts, and eventually you'll go to Vice City, where you'll join a famous hallway. He will be badigned the task of running the business in Liberty City until he returns to Vice City and soon becomes the owner of the drugs.

Rockstar Games has an idea about when they want to launch the game, but companies want to badyze the sales of PS5 and Xbox 2. [out] for ps4 due to memory restrictions. We have 2 major cities along with a fixed stretch of freeways and Blaine County as a field in the middle of everything. There will also be some kind of timed era between missions with flashbacks.

Certain stores will sell different types or items at different times. Unknown dialogs of type RDR2 will be implemented.

There are great plans online and with important content as newer cities. They are working closely with Microsoft and Sony in the games in the cloud, which will help them to allow the online process to be continuous.

Of course, the reliability of this report should be taken with a grain of salt. It does not come from a verified Rockstar source, and its sudden elimination from Pastebin does not necessarily suggest that it was eliminated as a true escape. However, such a move would be interesting on the part of Rockstar, although for now it is fair to say that the only finite detail is that it will be controversial, since it is true for everyone. Grand Theft Auto game so far.

There are some issues that Rockstar should consider. As fantastic as Red Dead Redemption 2 That is, the slowness of Rockstar's combat and movement mechanics was too obvious and should be addressed. More importantly, Rockstar will also have to embrace completely the modding and role community that has maintained Grand Theft Auto 5 on the top of Twitch and selling incredibly well six years after its initial release. There are all the possibilities Grand Theft Auto 6 It could be as triumphant as its predecessor, when it comes to throwing.

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