Grand Theft Auto 5 Actors Lamar Roasts Franklin Meme Rebuild IRL

GTA 5 Lancer Roasting Franklin memes have been in circulation in gaming circles for the past few days. The mem format, which we reported here a few days ago on, has only continued to develop beyond that time. Now, it has reached its crescendo with perhaps the best iteration of the meme yet to come.

Courtesy of PlayStation Haven, the YouTube channel for both Lamar and Franklin was able to help real-life actors reclaim their roles as each character and take out the scene in person. Slink Johnson and Sean Fontaine, who portray Lamar and Franklin respectively, can be seen in the video below acting with iconic catkin. Grand theft auto v With perfection. Everything about it The way the camera moves for information in the voices of both Johnson and Fontaine, no one is named in this reunion.

The thing that fascinates me most about this entire video is that it exists quickly. This Lamar roasting the Franklin meme format has gained traction for Fonteno and Johnson only once or twice in the past week, so to come out together to take this scene out is a bit surprising. I could have probably become a thing in a few weeks or months, but it was possible for both actors to be in the height of the popularity of the internet meme, which is really fun. Shout out to both Fontaineo and Johnson for doing so and definitely bring a smile to the faces of many people around the world.

So what is your favorite walk of this meme? For my money, this is by far the best, but you probably still have another personal favorite. Do let me know in the comments or like me on Twitter @ Moorman12 With your thoughts.


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