GranBlue vs Versus UL DLC Character Announced, Launched in late December 2020

Yuel will join Granblue Fantasy Versus As the next DLC character for his second season pass. Arc System Works also revealed gameplay footage for Cagliostro, which will also feature as part of Character Pass 2.

Check out cagliostro Granblue Fantasy Versus The gameplay trailer, which ends with a teaser for the Yule DLC character:

The announcement comes from Arc System Work during today’s Arc Revo Japan Online 2020 tournament. Cagliostro will join Granblue Fantasy Versus In two more days, on October 20, 2020. For Yule, we only got a glimpse for the time being, but we’ll see more in a new trailer in December. Given that there are still three more characters that we haven’t seen from Character Pass 2, we’ll probably see another new character at the end after a closer look at the gameplay from Yule.

Character Pass 2 began with Belial, which is already available in the game. Cagliostro, who joins in a few days, will be the second and Yuel will be the third when he joins in December. The next three DLC characters will join the game in 2021.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Yuel

Granblue Fantasy Versus PlayStation is available via Steam for 4 and PC. If you missed it, check out Silikera’s interview with Sairagera’s creative director Tetsuya Fukuhara and producer Yuicho Kimura.