Grammys 2018: The 10 most important questions about nominations


After months of forecasting, the wait is almost over: on Tuesday morning (November 28), The Recording Academy will officially unveil the nominations for the 60th GRAMMY Awards, setting the stage for the clashes that will define the most big. night precisely two months later.

We have already exhausted our predictions for the larger categories, but despite our best guesses, a series of questions persist, and will continue to do so until Andra Day reads those names live CBS this morning ] At 8.30 am ET. Here are the 10 on which we have dedicated more time and energy.

10. Will the reinvention of Kesha be recognized?

One of the biggest stories of pop this year has undoubtedly been Kesha's triumphant return from his career purgatory, after years of public legal drama with former mentor Dr. Luke. His new and more personal LP Rainbow topped the list of Billboard 200 albums and got rave reviews, and could lead to nominations in one or more major categories. But does Kesha's pop-dance past-often critically ignored, particularly by the Grammys, as frivolous-prevent him from having serious consideration?

9. Can the alternative successes surprise the year happen to the Grammys as well?

After a long period of rock and an alternative that were almost absent from the Billboard Hot 100, in a couple of months, suddenly there was a trio of alternative songs that not only appeared on the chart, but also went up up to the first five: a pair of Imagine Dragons ("Believer" and "Thunder") and one from Portugal. The man ("Feel It Still") The three songs have appeared practically everywhere during the second half of 2017, will they also sneak into this year's Grammy clbad?

8. Will Lady Gaga be excluded from the big categories?

The artist born in the recent reimagination of Stefani Germanotta as singer and composer of a heart, as rooted in country and rock as dance and pop, seemed almost modified to measure for maximum success Grammy. But despite the well-received performance at Super Bowl halftime and a single in the 100th hit of Hot 100 "Million Reasons," the album did not get the general acclaim that Gaga could have expected, and enters the Grammy season. now of one sure thing to get an important nomination. The legacy of his era Joanne can oscillate a lot if you hear his name tomorrow morning.

7. Will Taylor Swift have a nomination for the song of the year?

One of the most awarded Grammy artists of the last decade has two possibilities in the main categories this year: through his own single "Look what you made me do" "(released before his album Reputation that would otherwise compete in the 2019 awards), and through "Better Man" from Little Big Town, which he wrote, although the first was the biggest pop hit, the latter may have a better opportunity to be recognized: LBT's "Girl Crush" was nominated Song of the Year two years earlier, and "Better Man" just won the song of the year at the CMA Awards.

6. Can Jason Isbell be Stormill SImpson this year?

Last year, country rock veteran Sturgill Simpson became the atypical clearing in the middle of a superstar clbad (Justin Bieber, Drake, Beyonce and Adele) on the album This year, the artist most likely to represent That combination of credibility, media worship and respect for the industry in the Grammys range of marquees would be Jason Isbell, a follower of country rock whose cult fan base, critical acclaim and chart hits seemed to hit everything. a new peak with the Nashville Sound this year, which became his first album of the top 5 on the Billboard 200. But it will be enough to win him a seat among the heaviest hitters in the music world this January?

5. Is it finally time for JAY-Z's first album of the year?

Yes. Hopefully.

4. Will any of the new rap clbades be represented?

The year 2017 has been a radical change in the ruling clbad of rap like any of the ones we've seen in recent memory, with friendly artists like Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Post Malone reaching stardom with an almost unprecedented speed. But for these success stories, which blur the genre and are aimed at young people, acceptance of the establishment has been slower for these artists than commercial returns. An important Grammy nomination – "XO TOUR Llif3" for the record of the year? – I could make a real statement about how much (and how fast) times have changed.

3. Will any of the One Direction solo duos be in favor of the best new artist?

At least two of the solo spin-offs that emerge during the indefinite milestone of One Direction – Harry Styles and Niall Horan – are like gloves fits the best category of new artists, and possibly the third in Liam Payne too. However, to consider the new artists of Styles and Horan, of course, you must ignore that half decade that both pbaded in one of the most successful recording acts on the planet. However, considering Horan's victory as new artist of the year at this year's American Music Awards, it seems a leap that much of the public is willing to do, and given the historic flexibility of the "best new artist" designation, The Grammys could also be.

2. Will "Easy" make your presence felt?

It was almost indisputably the biggest hit of 2017, and certainly one of the biggest hits in the history of Billboard Hot 100. But it will be enough to get a success in foreign language of a genre traditionally ignored by the recognition of the main categories of Grammys? It is not at all unprecedented: the cover of "Los Bailes" by Los Lobos topped the record of the year in 1988, but it is certainly a rarity; so, however, it will spend 16 weeks on top of the Hot 100. If "Slow" does not fit into the main categories, however, it may close completely, since the Grammys maintain their Latin categories in the Latin Grammys, where " I just kind of "dominated a couple of weeks ago.

1. Can anyone be with Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran?

It's not about "yes", but rather about "how much" Lamar and Sheeran direct this year's nominations. Both are practical blocks for album and album of the year, the song of the year certainly seems to be within reach of both. The only real question is whether any other artist will have such an imprint. Of the third-party candidates, Lorde seems to be the most likely bet, as a former Big Four winner and one of the most acclaimed media artists of her generation, but despite debuting at the top of the Billboard 200, her Melodrama the album was not even close to the commercial force that Sheeran Divide and Lamar DAMN. were. If no other artist seems to have as much participation in this year's Grammys as Kendrick and Ed, it can be a two-man race in the biggest night of music.

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