Graham on approval of tax reform: “I think we will get there”


The Republican of South Carolina said Sunday in CNN's "State of the Union" that he believes Republicans have in them to push a bill.

"We will get there because failure is not an option when it comes to the Republican Party and tax cuts," Graham said. "For every Republican senator, the fate of the party is in our hands, as well as in the economy, the economy needs a tax cut and the Republican Party must comply, so I believe we will succeed."

Republican Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Jeff Flake of Arizona and James Lankford of Oklahoma have voiced criticism of the current fiscal plan.

Graham expressed his own concerns about the party's future earlier this year, saying that the Republican Party has control of Congress. it would not survive if the tax reform failed.

"Well, I think we all realize that if we fail in taxes, that's the end of the ruling majority of the Republican Party in 2018," Graham said in "The Brian Kilmeade" on Fox News Radio. Show "in October." We will lose the House, we will probably lose ground in the Senate and President Trump have a different profile than the party; I suppose there are two or three different Republican parties. But we are all together. "
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