Graham calls on Schumer to vote to dismiss impeachment article against Trump

Sen Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin GrahamImployment Trial Trump Grip on Senate GOP Over America That Congress Is Divided – And One Nation Hill’s Morning Report – Biden asks Congress to expand biggest relief response in US history (RS.C) is urging the incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck SchumerChuck Schumerbaden and the new Congress should save Americans from utility closures ‘almost heaven, West Virginia’ – Joe Manchin and a 50-50 Senate Democrat looking for momentum through Senate impeachment trial (DN.Y.) to hold a vote to dismiss the writ of impeachment against President TrumpDonald TrumpFacebook temporarily bans advertisements for weapons goods after capital riots, in furious op-ed, says QAnon is destroying GOP worked after section 230 rebellion, but not before: social How to regulate media more Passed by the House last week.

Graham wrote in a letter to Schumer on Sunday that the New York Democrat is seeking “vengeance and political retaliation” in his first term as majority leader, rather than the beginning of “national treatment.”

Graham said, “When the Vice President and Senate Republicans reject unconstitutional actions, you want to force the Senate, but there will be another unconstitutional action in this disgusting saga — the impeachment trial of a former president.” Graham said.

House Democrats introduced and passed an article of impeachment against Trump, with a crowd of his supporters storming the US Capitol earlier this month to “incite the supporters”.

The speaker Nancy PelosiBoebert Communications Director Resigned amidst Nancy Pelosimissuri Female Capital Riot Seen With Accused Pelosi Sign Regarding Capital Riots: Report Revising Pardon Power – Give Voice to Speaker and Congress (D-California.) And members of his caucus have said that Trump, who will step down for the presidency on Wednesday, is a must Joe BidenJoe Bidenemissouri woman seen with Pelosi charged in connection with capital riots. Facebook has temporarily banned arms paraphernalia after the capital riots. He is convicted in the Senate because he remains a threat to the country.

Most Republicans on Capitol Hill have argued impeachment and blamed Trump after a Senate trial that would only divide the country in Washington, D.C. and nationwide amid growing threats of political violence.

Graham said in his letter on Sunday, “The power of impeachment exists to protect the nation from the damage that a president has to do not to step down from the post of president but to suppress political grievances.” .

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnellbert resigns amid communications director Capital Riot: Senate Democrats report nixing filmbusters and more urging for new voting rights bill (R-Ky.) Has expressed willingness to prosecute impeachment in the Senate, even after Trump reportedly stepped down.

Other Senate Republicans echo that sentiment.

“The attack on the US Capitol itself was an attack on democracy, and the President takes some responsibility for what happened. … If the Senate goes ahead with the impeachment trial, I will do my duty as a juror and listen to the cases presented by both parties, ”Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said.

Graham, who supported Trump’s unproven claims in the “theft” election, said he would not stand in the way of Biden’s election college certification of victory after rioting in the Capitol.

“Trump and I, we were one hell of a trip,” Graham said that evening. “I hate it that way. Oh my God I hate it … but today I can say that I have yet to count. Enough is enough. I tried to be helpful.”


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