Graduated Nation responses to Kelly Randolph receiving a restraining order against Colton Underwood

Former graduate Colton Underwood and his season winner Cassie Randolph announced their split on Instagram in May. While the two reality stars both wrote about their desire to be friends, things have gone awry in the past few months. Randolph was given a temporary restraining order against Underwood, meaning that he would have to live at least 100 yards from his home, his job, and avoid any contact or threatening behavior. Certainly, Bachelor Nation is weighing in with its ideas.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph | Amy Susman / E! Entertainment / NBCU Photo Bank

Callie Randolph gets a temporary restraining order against Colton Underwood

Randolph filed for a restraining order for “prevention of domestic violence” on 11 September.

According to You Weekly, who reports that he obtained court documents, Randolph alleges that Underwood has gone to “stare and harass” him and has sent him “disturbing text messages, repeatedly.” The bar has called him, and placed a tracking device on his vehicle. ”

Additionally, documents say Underwood has been seen outside Randolph’s parents’ home in Huntington Beach, California on several occasions. One night, Randolph’s younger brother and his friends saw the former football player out of their bedroom window at 2 in the morning

The documents also claim that Underwood “sees Ms. Randolph’s apartment in Los Angeles,” and he told friends that “he visits Ms. Randolph’s apartment building several times a day.”

Court documents also showed text messages sent from Underwood to Randolph “at all hours of the day.” According to the publication, Underwood texted his ex, saying that he was “shady” and “a selfish person who is not ready to love.” He later apologized, stating that he was “lost.”

The former football player also allegedly “repeatedly” attempted to keep his long-time message anonymously using Randolph’s “former nickname” for friends and family.

In October, Underwood will have a chance to appear at a hearing where he can explain his side of things.

How Bachelor Nation thinks Katy is getting a restraining order against Colton

As with any volatile bachelor for a nation split, fans have taken sides.

Despite Randolph’s ban order being approved, some extreme Colton fans are suggesting he “stay relevant.” But other fans are quick to point out the hypocrisy in their victim- “Are you forgetting that Colton is in 3 reality shows within a YEAR?” Wrote a fan.

On Randolph’s Instagram page, many fans are voicing their support for their own experiences as well as the chase.

On Randolph’s recent post, a fan said, “sending love”. “I’m sorry that you already hate trolls.” Be safe, and know that a sensible person is here to support you. Anyone attacking you for your decision needs to help himself. I personally know how bad a stalker can be. Praying for the safety of you and your family. ”

Other fans are revealing Underwood’s reaction when Randolph attempts to break up with him during his fantasy suit as an early red flag.

Another Instagram user wrote on Randolph’s page, “Cassie, I support you support you.” “The jumping of the fans was a big red flag from the beginning. She rejected him, and she could not accept it, so she set a fence — how mature it is. This is not a ‘fight for love’ behavior, it is a right / right. Also, he kept an eye on her car and stalked her – which is terrible. He made the best decision for his safety. The fact that you are all defending Colton’s behavior actually speaks to a society that empowers hunters and boys. ”

On Underwood’s page, fans are waiting to hear his side of the October story come out.

On Underwood’s most recent post, a fan wrote, “2 sides to every story … hope if Colton needs that help, which is true despite all this.”