Grab Lenovo USI Stylus for only $ 32

Small and beautiful. The USI stylus is finally hitting the consumer market and the latest model to start shipping is the inexpensive pen made by Lenovo. To my surprise, Lenovo’s USI stylus was not available like every other brand. My guess is that the company waited a long time to collect a good inventory and this is great news for shoppers. The $ 40 stylus is still available and thanks to a quick note from a reader, we are happy to share a promo code that will score you a pen for even less.

When you use the promo code, Lenovo gives discounts on everything for a long time.extrafive“But you can actually remove 20% from the stylus when you use code”discover20At checkout. The pen will nab you compatible with a USI-enabled Chromebook for just $ 31.99 before tax and shipping are free. If you use Rakuten when purchasing Lenovo, you can take another pair of rupees in cashback. Pick up the USI stylus at the link below and don’t forget your promo code.

Lenovo usi stylus

Hat tip to Richard M for this discovery

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