Governor Cuomo is “concerned” about a series of shootings in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he is “very concerned” about the increase in violence that has swept through the Big Apple, calling the loss of life “horrible.”

“The state police are working on it, they are talking to the New York police. My criminal justice people are going to talk to the mayor’s criminal justice people. I will speak to district attorneys, today I will speak to the chief judge, ”Cuomo said at a coronavirus briefing in Manhattan.

“I am very concerned about that. I am concerned about that, not just about the immediate loss of life, which is horrible, ”he continued.

“And again, it is the communities that need it most in many ways, they pay the highest price,” said Cuomo, noting that many of the shootings have taken place in neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx that suffered greatly from COVID-19. and they suffer “inequality in all areas”.

He said the violence is “unnecessary” but “terrifying” and “tragic”.

The governor said he is concerned about the increase in crime and how it will affect the city when Phase Three of the reopening plan begins.

In addition to violence, he said, people are moving out of the city due to the coronavirus, and the city’s economy is struggling because businesses have not fully reopened.

Adding a “public safety concern” to that “is a bad combination of events and a bad combination of facts. So, yes, I am very concerned. “

Between June 29 and Sunday, there were 74 shooting incidents in the city, leaving 101 victims, The Post reported Monday. That compares to 26 shootings during the same period last year.

At the same time, 18 people were killed in the city, six more than in the same period last year. On Sunday, there were 30 shooting incidents with 48 victims.

In a span of three hours, seven people were shot, five fatally, in incidents in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.