Government warnings against Kaspersky products extended to the United Kingdom –

Government warnings against Kaspersky products extended to the United Kingdom


Britain's top cybersecurity agency warned the British government on Friday to stop using Kaspersky Labs software on all government computers because of concerns from Russian hackers.

Associated Press reports that Ciaran Martin, head of the National Cybersecurity Center, sent a letter to the heads of British public officials on Friday announcing the new policy.

"Russia is acting against the national interest of the United Kingdom in cyberspace," Martin wrote in the letter.

"A provider based in Russia should never be used" For systems that deal with issues related to national security. "British officials, he says, are currently in talks with the software company to avoid the" transfer of data from the United Kingdom to the Russian state. "

The decision of the United Kingdom comes a few months after the Department of Homeland Security banned the Kaspersky Labs software from all US government computers, citing concerns similar cybersecurity.

Kaspersky has been under intense scrutiny in recent months for the alleged links of the company with Russian intelligence.The founder, Eugene Kaspersky, was educated at a computer institute linked to the KGB, the agency of espionage of the Soviet era.

The Department is concerned about the links between certain officials of Kaspersky and the intelligentsia ia Russian and other government agencies, and the requirements under Russian law that allows Russian intelligence agencies to request or obligate Kaspersky badistance and intercept communications that transit through Russian networks, "said DHS in September.

"The risk that the Russian government will act alone or in collaboration with Kaspersky"

The spokesman for Kaspersky called the accusations of ties to the Kremlin "totally unfounded" at the time, and said the laws and policies Russians are being "misinterpreted".

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