Gov. Abbott Suggests Election Reform Bill Will Allow Democrats To Use ‘Cocaine To Buy Votes’

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested Sunday that HR 1, the broad election reform bill recently passed by the House of Representatives, could eventually result in Democrats “using cocaine to buy votes.”

Appearing on Fox News’ Sunday morning futures, Abbott insisted on introducing to Maria Bartiromo that the bill aimed at improving access to the vote would actually attempt to “institutionalize voter fraud in the United States of America” because it would expand the use of vote-by-mail.

Describing his time as Texas attorney general, the governor recalled an “amazing story” about vote buying. “It was Barack Obama himself who knew the dangers of vote gathering in the state of Texas,” he told a gullible Bartiromo. “Because under his administration, he sent his United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas and the FBI to South Texas to arrest and prosecute people involved in the collection of ballots who used cocaine to buy votes through the process of collecting ballots in the state of Texas. It is a way of committing electoral fraud and it cannot be allowed ”.

Bartiromo exclaimed in response: “This is absolutely extraordinary, Governor!”


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